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Electronic cigarettes help millions quit smoking! Buy an e-cig and quit smoking!

Halo: refillable tanks, American vapor

Choose Halo E-Cigs and their Triton Starter Packs with 2 batteries and quality refillable 2.4ml tanks, allowing your e-cig to last throughout the day. These kits come in 11 different color options and are a killer deal with 2 batteries, 2 tanks, wall/usb charger, and case all included!


  • 2 x 650 mAh manual battery
  • 2 x 2.4ml Triton Tank
  • 1 x Cone Large
  • 1 x Triton USB Charger
  • 1 x Mini Wall Charger
  • 1 x Triton Display Case
Triton Tank Starter Kits

Order your Triton Tank kit and stop smoking already!


When you buy your Triton Tank starter kit, you’re still going to need your e-juice. Halo vapor liquids come in many different delicious flavors and are all high-quality American-made vapor solutions.

American made vapor at Halo

Volcano E-Cigs

Volcano e-cigs are high quality refillable clearomizer tank kits with delicious American made e-juices to match. Click the pic below to choose your starter kit to begin reclaiming your life from the deadly grip of cigarettes!

Buy Volcano E-Cigs

Regardless of potential health benefits of vaporizing a nicotine solution vs. combustion of tobacco, e-cigs require no ash tray and they will not stink up your house. Plus, most businesses allow the use of electronic cigarettes inside, even though regular old stinky cigarettes are banned. Do you really need anymore reasons to reclaim your life?

Vapor > Combustion Cancers

Electronic cigarettes are so effective as a method to help quit smoking, that tobacco lobbyists are trying to have them outlawed, simply so they can protect their industry’s profits. Instead of hopping on-board the e-cig revolution, they are trying to stifle the progress and health of their very own customers. Regardless of where you buy your e-cig kit from, just get one! I personally have quit smoking after 16 years using an e-cig kit, and you will also… but you have to want to quit! Electronic cigarettes still deliver nicotine to your system, except without all the toxic smoke and chemicals from combustion.

Quit Smoking, Start Vaping!

Halo E-Cigs

E-cigs will help you quit smoking!